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eww [16 Feb 2004|04:50pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

- drinking rancid milk
- i wore a old pair of boots that I'd forgotten about today, and about half an hour after leaving the flat one of the heels snapped off and i had to limp back home. then i remembered that the reaon why i hadn't worn them in years was because the heel snapped off before and i had to glue it back. ya great.

+ big fat checks in the post baby!

my mother called. she didn#t want to know about work, or art, or claire, or even ME for chrissakes. she banged on about my sister and her wedding and asked me when i was planning on settling down. motherfuck.
i don't even have, or want, a boyfriend.
i like it casual.
i told her the smoke alarm was going off and hung up instead of saying that though.

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[15 Feb 2004|03:36pm]
[ mood | content ]

+ last night
+ being made breakfast in bed

- claire's new lady being a screamer
- the smell in the microwave

i messed up paying for various art supplies over the internet and it's probab;y too late to find what i need now, i can't really be bothered to get up and dressed and stuff.
i've got studio time tomorrow and i haven't prepared.

me and peter have decided to branch into fetish wear. haha.
i dunno.

i got a 1940's style hat with a little veil from ebay the other day. i need to buy a new webcam, it's amazing.

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[14 Feb 2004|09:39pm]
+ hot valentines lovin'
+ over hot damn! good erotica.
+ oysters and champagne

- not much!

so yes, the peter came round. fuck yeah baby.

ha yeah.

i meant to do some work for my portfolio but gave up. smoked beforehand. don't believe those who say it makes you more creative. lethargic more like.

oxford street on a saturday = hell on earth.

i ripped my good stockings and lost my new french knickers somewhere in the flat.
i should find them before clairs does and complains.

more later maybe.
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ok [13 Feb 2004|06:06pm]
[ mood | excited ]

new journal!
i got tired of the old. and of the old people.
so. new journal and new friends.
i feel and adding spree coming on.

+ new fantomas work.
+ new ann summers stock.
- too much time in london.
- lack of student loan already.

claire broke the tumble drier so i'm posting this surrounded by wet panties (fnah).
neither of us can face the launderette.
peter is coming round tomorrow. we're working on selling erotic fiction to pervy old men again.
anyway, to work i must go...


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